Watershed Modeling Resources and Training


The Heartland Initiative's Watershed Modeling Program provides resources and training to assist agency specialists and educators in the application of watershed, in-stream, and lake/reservoir models for the development of management plans, water quality impact assessment, targeting of BMPs, and adaptive management.

Shell Creek, NE

Goals and Objectives:

The goal of the Heartland Initiative's Watershed Modeling Program is to promote and support the use of watershed scale models in the Heartland for cost-effective soil and water resources management and reduction of pollutant loading to surface waters.

The objectives are to...

  • provide awareness and guidance among watershed stakeholders in the use of watershed model outputs for the development and implementation of watershed management plans
  • enhance capacity in the region for the use of watershed models through training, technical support, and on-line resources
  • promote collaborative efforts among university and agency personnel in the use of watershed modeling

NEW -- Upcoming webinar for technical planners and educators on Water Quality Calibration of SWAT and APEX on Thursday, Sept. 27, 2012, from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m., CDT. For more information contact Mike Van Liew, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, mvanliew2@unl.edu.

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WQ modeling webinar 9.27.12