These additional online resources are relevent to the CSREES Heartland Regional Water Quality Coordination Initiative.

Iowa State University Water Quality and Watersheds Programs 
Iowa State University Water Resources site
Iowa Water Center
Iowa State University Extension Sociology Watershed Programs
Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment

Missouri Watershed Information Network
Missouri Water Resources Research Center
Missouri Center for Agricultural, Resource & Environmental Systems (CARES)
University of Missouri Outreach and Extension Water Quality Program
University of Missouri Water Qualtiy Focus Team

University of Nebraska Water Home Page
Manure Matters
NE Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning
University of Nebraska Water Center
Regional CSREES Water Quality Programs
Tribal Colleges and Universities National Water Quality Network
1890 Institutions - Facilitating Water Resource Education
Great Lakes

Pacific Northwest
Northern Plains and Mountains
New York - New Jersey - Puerto Rico - Virgin Islands
Southwest States and Pacific Islands
New England

Federal Water Sites
CSREES National Water Program
EPA National Agriculture Compliance Assistance Center
USDA National Agric. Library Water Quality Information Center
EPA Water Assessment, Tracking and Environmental Results (WATERS) site