Title: 2013 Heartland Regional Water Conference


Heartland Regional Water Conference


April 15 – 17, 2013

Sheraton, Overland Park, KS


The Heartland Regional Conference focused on emerging regional water issues and the development of a framework to address such issues.   Current Heartland Project results and related activities of the LGU and agency partners were shared.  128 individuals from State and Federal Agencies, Land Grant Universities and Industry attended the conference.


 Objectives of the Heartland Regional Water Conference included:

  • Set the stage for sustained collaboration among land grant universities, agency, industry, and NGO partners.
  • Expand interstate communication and sharing of research-based information on high priority water resource topics.
  • Build capacity of Extension educators to conduct programming on water resource topics.


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Agenda and Presentations:


Day 1 – April 15, 2013


·       Keynote - Sustaining Collaboration in the Heartland: Preparing for the Future of Water Resources Together in the absence of USDA regional fundingRick Koelsch, University of Nebraska, Lincoln ANR Leader


·       Heartland OverviewLois Wright-Morton, Iowa State University

Presentation will emphasize the tools and programs emerging from the various issue team’s work that are relevant to educators. • Crop and Livestock • Nutrient Management • Biomass and Bioenergy • Watershed Management • Climate • Human Dimensions


Day 2 – April 16, 2013


·       Emerging Issues I

1)    The 2012 Drought: Perspectives, Opportunities, and Obligations Jim Gaffney, Pioneer Seed

2)    Limitations of Plant Adaptations – Jim Specht, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

3)    Atrazine studies in the Heartland  Clint Truman, Syngenta, NC  


·     Concurrent Session 1


Concurrent Session 1 

10:45 AM

                  Animal Manure and Nutrient Management


Charles Wortmann

Bioenergy and Climate


Tom Franti

Human Dimensions


Dave Baker

Watershed Management and Modeling


Dan Downing


Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy -  Science Assessment - Matt Helmers, Iowa State University

Bioenergy Future Scenarios

- Rick Cruse, Iowa State University

Farmer Identities and willingness to engage and support public policies to protect soil and water resources -  Jean McGuire, Iowa State University  

Using a watershed inventory data base for decision making - Bob Broz, University of Missouri and Mike Van Liew, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Using BMP Auctioning for Targeting

- Josh Roe,  Kansas State University

Sensors for Water and Nitrogen Management

- Tim Shaver, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Trust, Beliefs,  Perceived Risk and Farmer Support for

-   J. Arbuckle, Iowa State University

Streambank stabilization for watershed improvement

- Charlie Barden, Kansas State University


 ·         Concurrent Session 2  


Concurrent Session 2 

1:00 PM

Animal Manure and Nutrient Management


Joe Lally

Bioenergy and Climate


Tom Franti

Human Dimensions


Jean McGuire

                        Watershed Management and Modeling


Mike Van Liew


Stockpiling versus composting manure: Impact on nutrient recovery 

- Galen Erickson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


- Elwynn Taylor, Iowa State University

Women landowners’ perceptions and willingness to invest in wetlands  as water quality  solutions - Angie Carter, Iowa State University

The need for watershed education when working with producers

- Bob Broz and Dan Downing, University of Missouri


What manure is worth and how to practically calculate - Ray Massey, University of Missouri

Management options to reduce nitrous oxide emissions - Peter Motavalli, University of Missouri and Charles Wortmann, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Communicating Climate Science for Agricultural Management in Corn-Based Cropping Systems - Adam Wilke, Iowa State University

Field Scale Conservation Planning with the Nutrient Tracking Tool (NTT)

- Ali Saleh, Tarleton State University, TX


 ·          Concurrent Session 3  


Concurrent Session 3 

2:00 PM

Animal Manure and Nutrient Management


Joe Lally

                   Bioenergy and Climate


Glenn Davis



Damon Frizzell

Watershed Management and Modeling


Mike Van Liew


 Manure management in drought conditionsPeter Tomlinson, Kansas State University  

SARE Regional program on Climate, Energy and Carbon - Dan Downing, University of Missouri and Charles Barden, Kansas State University

Regional Nutrients Issue Update

- Karen Flournoy, U.S. EPA - Region 7

New Advances in Modeling Water Quality and Targeted Conservation Effects at Field to Watershed Scales - Jim Ascough, USDA-ARS


Nutrient Criteria - Thoughts Donald D. Snethen, The Clean Water Academy

On-Line Curriculum Overview for Bioenergy

- Tom Franti, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Water Resource Issue Update

- Josh Svaty,  U.S. EPA - Region 7

Improving environmental sustainability and soil productivity through biochar use - Raimund Bayan, Lincoln University


Day 3 – April 17, 2013


·       A Proposed Framework for Maintaining Water Resource Collaborations Among Land Grant Universities and Our PartnersTom Blewett and Rebecca Power, Region 5

·       Emerging Issues II

1)    Urban Water Institute – Stacy Hutchinson, Kansas State University

2)    Mississippi River InitiativeSteve Hefner, Missouri NRCS

3)    Winter Cover Crop Impacts on Nitrate in Tile DrainageTom Kaspar, USDA-ARS

4)    Possible Wind Energy Impacts of Enacted Biofuel PolicyChris Anderson, Iowa State University


·      Climate Change and AgricultureJerry Hatfield,  USDA-ARS




This conference was sponsored and funded by the Heartland Regional Water Coordination Initiative.  

The Heartland Regional Water Coordination Initiative is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture National Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA) Integrated Water Program under agreements 2008-51130-19526, 2004-51130-002249, 2002-51130-01515.  All materials provided at this conference were provided by USDA-NIFA funding.



For comments, contact:

Charles Barden, Kansas State University 

(cbarden@ksu.edu - 785.532.1444)


Amanda Schielke,  Kansas State University

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